The Remembrance of David Singingbear…

January 2, 2013 admin Main

David, a few months back. Asked me to do something for him regarding his website. I have been busy with working on my career this has been on the back burner so I have now decided to relaunch this site as a remembrance of David.

My name is Gary Smith the Admin of this Site,  This is the Remembrance of David Singing Bear, he came into our lives back in 1989.  I remember him in due to the times he would spend with us almost all the time and the month he bunked on our sofa.

In 2003 I was diagnosed with Cancer and he was there support and help in my recovery.

I encourage others to help fill this word press with memory’s of how you known David Singing bear.

4 Responses to “The Remembrance of David Singingbear…”

  • Chuck says:

    Singing Bear was a healer at the National Veterans Wellness & Healing Center in Angel Fire for 149 vet couples.

  • Claire says:

    I was a volunteer for nine of the ten retreats at the Angel Fire Veterans Wellness Retreats and worked with Singing Bear in setting up appointments for veteran couples to meet with him for private counseling. After a session with Singing Bear the couples would stop by my table to tell me that they felt a sense of peace with him for he understood their conflicts and his healing ceremony helped them to gain perspective. Singing Bear will be remembered for his gift of wisdom, sense of humor and compassion.

  • Nance says:

    God Bless David SingingBear and all of our veterans and their loved ones! The more I watch SingingBear’s FB site evolve, and now having found this site, the more amazed I am at the many facets of our beloved friend, teacher, and shaman. He was a special being who graced this earth in order to touch all of our lives. His work was over here and now he showers us with star dust and Blessings so that we might continue in the Light with him, sharing the Love, and making this world a better place. We will do you proud, David — every One of us.

  • Andy says:

    Signing Bear softly told me that I needed to forgive myself. “How?” I asked. He smiled, and then so did I, realizing the old cowboy/indian greeting. Now I work on the forgiveness thing everyday….

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